Cache Top Tube Bag

The Cache is designed for one-handed zipper access to open and close while riding, and cord access for your electronics. All sizes taper to help avoid knee rub while still providing a large amount storage. Stiff foam is located on both sides and bottom. All sizes come with velcro for attachment to the stem or are compatible with the Spacelink (sold separately).

  • Small (0.8L, 3.8 oz): 2.75" wide at stem, 4" tall at stem, 7.75" length (ideal for regular sized iPhone)
  • Large (1.1L, 4.6 oz): 3.25" wide at stem, 3.75" tall at stem, 9.0" length (ideal for regular sized iPhone)
  • XL (1.4L, 5.5 oz): 2.75" wide at stem, 4.75" tall at stem, 9.25" length (ideal for plus-sized iPhone). Zippered non drive-side pocket is unable to have reflective strip if selected. Reflection will be on drive-side panel only.

Cache Features

  • Electronic cord access (e.g., headphones,  dynamo power cords) located at the stem side of the bag.
  • 1-handed opening/closing when riding
  • Glow-in-the-dark zipper pull

Build Materials

  • Ballistic Cordura® against the stem
  • 1000d Cordura® on spine
  • YKK® water resistant zipper
  • X-Pac™/ Cordura® on the outside face
  • Closed-cell foam inserts

*all weights are approximate and depend on exact fabric chosen, velcro length, and bolt on or strapped

Having trouble picturing the fabric, click here for a guide.