Littleford Designs Dyna-Snap

About us

A broken connection is a broken system…

Like a lot of good ideas, Dyna-Snap magnetic connectors were born of necessity. As a builder of custom touring and utility bikes, Littleford Bicycles was known for thoughtful integration of useful features. The two most popular perks? A versatile dynamo powered front and rear lighting system, and S&S frame couplings for ultimate portability. (S&S coupled bicycles break down to fit inside a suitcase that airlines consider standard luggage.)

The trouble was, electrical wiring and frame separation didn’t play so well together. For some of my customers, the tiny friction-reliant spade connectors in their wiring would seize, or come loose, or fatigue and break after just a few trips.

Enter the Dyna-Snap!

Dyna-Snaps’ first installation was on a Littleford Expedition, a rugged, packable touring bike built for hardship. Thanks to magnetic connections in four places along the frame, the wiring between each segment simply snaps together, and the complete bike, with racks, lights and fenders, breaks down and packs into its airline-approved S&S suitcase.