Bike Packing Kits

Everything you need to get started and through an adventure. 

Litre Cage kits will give you upwards of 3L of hydration capacity.

- 2x Widefoot LitreCages.

- 2x Voile Straps alloy buckle.

Cargo Mount kits will give you the basis of which carry whatever you can strap to it.

- 2x Widefoot CargoMounts.

- 4x Voile Straps.

- 1x Voile Strap keep (4 pack)

Hardcore Kit contains everything you need to bug out. 

- 2x LitreCage

- 2x CargoMount

- 6x Voile Strap

- 2x Voile Strap XL

- 1x Voile Strap keeper (4 pack)